Boykin Celebrates 60 Years

In 2018, Boykin Tractor Co., Inc. in Rainsville celebrated 60 years.

Bert and Leah Boykin founded the business in 1958, and their honest, friendly way of running their company created a legacy that has kept three generations of Boykins working as a team in the family-owned and operated corporation.

Bert’s son, Buddy, is president of the company and his son, Connor, is vice-president. Buddy’s wife, Lucy, keeps the books as secretary and treasurer. Two of the employees have worked there for over 40 years.

The mix of generational experience plays a key role in keeping the business alive. Connor’s tech-savvy skills allow for a user-friendly website and postings on social media. “Customers can research our equipment from their home and then contact us to ask more questions and get clarity,” Connor said.

All three men agree another reason the business has endured is because of the high-quality products Kubota produces.

“The easiest person to sell a Kubota to is someone who previously owned one,” said Buddy. “The best salesmen are our customers.”

The Boykins are not just salesmen, they are farmers too.

“Being in the poultry and cattle business helps us understand our customers,” Connor said. “We know their equipment is a necessity to their business. We try to pick up a tractor needing repairs the same day they call us.”

Boykin Tractor does what some others may not do. They haul Kubotas under warranty at no charge to the customer. This service is not provided through Kubota, but through the Boykin Tractor Co., Inc. They look at a problem as an opportunity to gain trust from their customers.

Great prices and unbeatable customer service are common attributes used to describe a customer’s experience at Boykin Tractor.

A lot has changed in our 60+ years of business, but our commitment to providing our customers with great prices and unmatched customer service has not.

Quality products
• Honest and straightforward dealings
Excellent customer service


The initial manufacturers at Boykin Tractor Company in 1958 were Ford Tractor Company and Bush Hog Implements.


Buddy Boykin joined the family business after graduating from college in 1981.


He and his wife, Lucy, bought the dealership from his parents in 1992. Buddy feels that a large part of Boykin Tractor Company’s success over the years is due in part to the excellent employees that work at Boykin Tractor. While they are still young men, several of the employees have been at Boykin Tractor Company for forty years and they all care deeply about giving quality customer service.


In 1998 Boykin Tractor Company purchased the Kubota franchise from Harrison Implement in Fort Payne, Alabama. Kubota Tractor Corporation has quickly took over a majority of the business at Boykin Tractor Company. Kubota has invested in the United States with numerous manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Texas, and Kansas.

A tractor purchase can be a new experience for some and we promise to make it an easy, seamless purchase. It is our promise to provide you with the knowledge needed to make a tractor purchase and exceptional customer service after the sale.